DRE enterprises need to assess the potential scalability of business in different geographies or through various technologies/ solutions with respect to the overall sector.


DRE enterprises are usually promoted by first generation entrepreneurs, who have technical knowledge to design a product/ solution, but do not necessarily understand the overall business scenario in the country and factors that may affect their business operations. Once a proof of concept for products/ solutions is established, these enterprises need to identify target geographies presenting higher potential for the business to scale or compare enterprise performance with the industry’s growth as well as their peer group.


The DREEM tool would assist enterprises in the DRE space to assess the following –

1. Does the geography/ state offer enough potential to start an off-grid business?

2. Will other renewable energy sources perform better in the specified geography in comparison to the current energy source being used?          

3. How well is the enterprise’s performance as compared to the industry and its peers?


The DREEM tool assesses external factors like political stability, socio-economic scenario and geographic favorability for DRE businesses. In addition to this, the technology related parameters provide an understanding of how favorable the specific geography is for DRE business.


The sector related assessment is performed by comparing the DRE sector against other sectors in the economy, benchmarking performance of different energy resources on cost and generation potential as well as the level of risk associated with each solution type. These analyses are presented to the enterprise to depict higher or lower potential of a given resource as compared to others and also the attractiveness of the individual solutions being offered.


The enterprise performance analysis undertaken by the tool based on the key financial and operational data gathered from the enterprise evaluates: (i) financial efficiency of the enterprise including its liquidity, efficiency, and profitability position over the last few years; (ii) operational efficiency, and (iii) Impact created on ground. The tool performs an assessment of these factors and compares the results with industry performance benchmarks built into the tool. The benchmarking exercise provides a holistic picture of the enterprise’s performance against the industry.


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User Manual and Enterprise Monitoring Handbook

Please refer the link to user manual & handbook "DREEM User Manual and Enterprise Monitoring Handbook"


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