Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Enterprises operating in the decentralized renewable energy or off-grid sector in India may be evaluated with this tool. DREEM currently does not integrate data for any other country.

The assessment options provide users with the alternatives for conducting evaluations. A complete assessment takes into account all 10 parameters while enterprise evaluation based on pre-defined weightages (from our discussions with industry stakeholders and financial institutions). An ‘assessment without political risks’ excludes political factors while evaluating an enterprise but with pre-defined weightages for all the other parameters. However, if the built-in weightages not fall in line with the evaluator’s objectives, the user may choose to undertake a manual assessment. This option allows the user to define the weightage for each of the evaluation metrics.

Weightages may be assigned to each individual parameter based on the level of importance placed on the specific metric in the evaluator’s investment objective. It is however, recommended to use weightages in ranges as defined under other evaluation options. This is because these weights have been defined after extensive discussions with financial institutions and stakeholders interested in the DRE sector. Evaluators should also be careful that the sum of metric weights under each individual parameter should be 100%. For instance, the sum of weights assigned to Political risks (i.e. Risk of doing business + Political stability risk + Regulatory risk) should be 100. Similarly, sum of weights for Political, Target market and Geography risks should also be 100.

Most questions on the evaluation sheet are in the form of a drop-down menu, and evaluator only needs to choose the relevant option from the ones provided. In the case of financial, operational and impact data, users need to input only the numeric value (in INR for financial metrics) in the cells.

DREEM does NOT share your data with anyone. It is in our best interest to ensure comfort in sharing data and in providing the assurance that all your information is private and shared only as YOU deem fit. Each user on DREEM has a username and password. No one else can see your data unless you show it to them. On this note, we recommend not sharing your login details! The data saved by users is aggregated to calculate industry averages, which are displayed on the platform as industry performance numbers. If you enter data, and choose not to save it, no information is saved. Any exceptions to this rule require the express permission of the person who set up the account. While we encourage you to share your results and are working towards a more transparent, accountable industry, our view is not one we would force on our users.

Based on the type product/ solution offered by the enterprise and its number of years in operation, enterprises are segregated into separate categories. as per user inputs at the time of undertaking an evaluation. Financial, operational and impact data from each individual type of enterprise is aggregated to reach an industry average for each of the performance ratios under consideration. Only the aggregated industry averages are available to users on this platform. Any data from individual enterprises is not disclosed anywhere on the online tool platform whatsoever.

The results from the DREEM tool help two types of evaluators – DRE enterprises and Financial institutions. DRE enterprises may derive analysis on their financial and operational performance vis-à-vis the industry and assess areas of improvement. Most DRE enterprises do not understand the evaluation principles used by financiers. The DREEM tool may help these enterprises to track performance on a regular basis using industry approved standards of measurement. Financial institutions interested in the DRE space may use the DREEM tool to undertake a first level evaluation before going ahead with a detailed financial and legal due diligence on an enterprise.

Please refer the link to user manual & handbook "DREEM User Manual and Enterprise Monitoring Handbook"


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