Why DREEM is the Optimum Platform for Off-grid Energy Enterprise Assessments in India

The energy sector in India offers tremendous opportunities for SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) in the DRE segment as a huge market of about 300 million people scattered across the remote rural regions of the country have no access to grid power. These remote rural areas that offer great potential for developing localized off-grid energy infrastructure needs assessment to allow for more informed business decisions

DRE enterprises have been looking at expanding product or mini-grid networks in such areas but are unable to do so in the absence of an effective evaluation of their options prior to finalizing a geography for expansion.

The solution is provided by DREEM – a web platform that has been specifically designed for off-grid enterprise assessment in India. This platform offers a number of options that come with pre-defined weightages for every parameter being assessed. Stakeholders choosing the complete assessment option get comprehensive scores based on the inputs they enter which are then assessed with pre-defined intelligence built into the tool. There is also the option of assessment with higher weightage for parameters like social impact, as well as for operational and sector-related parameters.

Stakeholders interested in manual off-grid energy assessment may use DREEM  in a flexible manner by assigning self-defined weightages to the respective risk factors. DRE entrepreneurs for instance, may like to understand the incidence of rural population in their target areas along with their payment ability since as revenue generation will be directly related to the number of people using and paying for the products/solutions. Similarly, banks and other lenders may be interested in assessing financial performance as well as other potential risks for the enterprise. Donors look at the socio-economic impact of a particular enterprise while individual investors would mainly be interested in ROI (Return on Investment) in the medium term.

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Please refer the link to user manual & handbook "DREEM User Manual and Enterprise Monitoring Handbook"


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