Off-Grid Energy Assessment in India on the DREEM Platform Helps in Making Informed Investments

Off-grid energy based on renewable resources like solar, wind, small hydro and biomass is helping to bridge the huge gap left by grid connectivity and its inability to reach remote areas of the country. As many as 300 million people living in remote rural areas of the country do not have access to grid electricity and it is this segment that enterprises in DRE sector are targeting. Identifying opportunities in this new industry is not easy but the DREEM web platform has been working towards facilitating off-grid energy assessments in India.

DREEM offers financial institutions the most accurate information to make informed investment decisions after clearly understanding the off-grid energy risks in India and assessment of the same in any target area. There are over 600 districts spread across the 29 states of the country in addition to the Union Territories and it is quite a challenge for stakeholders to obtain precise information about a particular location where they want to park their investment capital. The other critical aspect of any off-grid energy assessment in India is the level of risks in the target area as well as the state of affairs in the entire district if not the entire state because political stability is important for any such project. The different stakeholders part of these DRE projects include lenders who will finance the major part of the project cost; NGOs providing grants to such DRE projects and having specific interest in the socio-economic impact of such projects; individual investors who are interested in the return on their investment capital in the short to medium term.

The DREEM web platform offers advanced tools that provide all such critical information on the off-grid energy risks in India and assessment of the same for stakeholders who want to make hassle-free investments in these projects. This platform is an excellent avenue for financial institutions to cut costs substantially and avoid the hassle of undertaking a costly survey of the target area.

2018-04-03 Tags: Off-Grid Energy Assessment, off-grid energy assessments in India

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