Accurate Decentralized Renewable Energy Evaluation Offered by DREEM

Investments are picking up in India’s off-grid power sector, covering different remote regions of the country as it offers the prospect of steady and high growth. However, enterprises making investments often require an evaluation of the sector or business. It is critical for them to know where to invest mainly because assessing the risks in the target area is a major challenge in terms of cost and time. DREEM has been designed precisely to address this issue; it is a user-friendly platform where small and medium DRE enterprises can evaluate different parameters that will help them make vital investment decisions.

The national power grid has not been able to reach the remote rural areas of the country due to logistical challenges. Currently off-grid energy is the only resource available to provide these areas with the power that they desperately need. Availability of reliable power supply is essential for boosting economic activity and education anywhere. These aspects indicate the kind of demand for power and why DRE enterprises are keen to set up additional infrastructure in these regions. DREEM is ideal for SMEs that need the information provided by the decentralized renewable energy evaluation tool to expand their business into new geographies, offering steady growth potential in the long run.

The DRE sector does present a number of risks along with the growth opportunities and every investing enterprise would like to be aware of these factors. A platform like DREEM provides critical information with its decentralized renewable energy evaluation tool in such remote areas. Such information includes –

  1. Growth potential for different DRE resources in the target area
  2. Competing off-grid energy enterprises in the target area and the threat they pose 
  3. Potential regional challenges for DRE businesses


With the kind of updated information pre-built into the tool, DREEM becomes an indispensable asset for decentralized renewable energy evaluations. The level of risk differs across various regions of the country for investments in the DRE sector. Hence, an assessment based on just a few case studies would never be sufficient for such a huge market. Without a platform like DREEM, any SME will find it extremely challenging to get the right kind of information needed to make a promising investment decision.

2018-05-15 Tags: Decentralized Renewable Energy Evaluation

Please refer the link to user manual & handbook "DREEM User Manual and Enterprise Monitoring Handbook"


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