Decentralized Renewable Energy (DRE) enterprises are often faced with challenges related to raising capital. Besides issues related to lack of information with the promoters and perceived risks amongst the financiers, inability to engage in a contextual assessment further hinders their ability to raise capital.


The DREEM (Decentralized Renewable Energy Evaluation & Monitoring) tool provides a platform for conducting holistic evaluation and assessment of DRE enterprises. The framework is intended to serve three key objectives:

         1. A framework for self-evaluation by enterprises

         2. Credit, investment and impact assessment tool for financial institutions and donors

         3. Industry benchmarks to compare enterprise performance


Our Vision: To become the go-to tool for enterprise evaluations across the DRE sector. 

Our MissionTo provide the DRE industry with relevant data for performance monitoring & evaluation.


DREEM tool aims to provide a systematic approach for financing institutions to evaluate DRE enterprises within the existing limitations around data availability. Enterprise evaluations are based on the risks related to external business environment, decentralized renewable energy sector and those related to the specific enterprise- its business model, its financial, impact and operational performance.


Please refer the link to user manual & handbook "DREEM User Manual and Enterprise Monitoring Handbook"


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